2022 National Team Selection

2021 Yeti Climbing National Championships Ranking

IFSC World Cup Application Process

The “registered interest deadlines” for the fall 2021 World Cups are below. Athletes must complete two (2) steps: (a) register (their interest) for the competition in using their USA Climbing membership account (verified below); AND (b) complete the Google Form by the respective deadline.

As set forth in USA Climbing Rulebook Rule 29.5.4, athletes must register their interest in a competition by the relevant registered interest deadline. Such interest is registered by: (a) registering (their interest) for the competition in their USA Climbing membership account at the USA Climbing website; AND (b) submitting their IFSC registration information via this Google Form. Interest is registered only if both (a) and (b) are completed by the relevant registered interest deadline, and athletes who do not register such interest by the deadline will not be eligible to receive a World Cup invitation for this specific event.  The list of athletes eligible to register their interest is listed above on the National Teams Resources page, and only such athletes may register their interest. For further information on the invitation process please refer to USA Climbing Rulebook Section 29.5.

Each athlete is responsible for confirming successful completion of all steps in “registering of interest”. To confirm successful registration in their USA Climbing membership account, see the report referenced above. After completion of the Google Form, the athlete will receive an email confirmation within 5 minutes. Any issues should be reported to info@usaclimbing.org immediately.

For any questions related to the registration process, event information, team travel, etc., please contact USA Climbing National Teams Manager, Meg Coyne (meg@usaclimbing.org).

Note: USA Climbing must complete registration with the IFSC by these dates for World Cups. These are *not* the deadlines for US athletes to register their interest.

Salt Lake City Bouldering World Cup May 21-22, 2021 World Cup, – May 6th
Salt Lake City Speed World Cup May 28, 2021 and Salt Lake City Bouldering World Cup May 28-30 – May 14th
Innsbruck Bouldering World Cup June 23-26, 2021 – June 8th
Villars Lead and Speed World Cup July 1-3, 2021 – June 16th
Chamonix Lead World Cup July 11-13, 2021 – June 27th
Briancon Lead World Cup July 17-18, 2021 – July 2nd
Paraclimbing World Championships September 14-17 – August 4th
Youth World Championships august 21-30 – August 6th
Kranj Lead world Cup September 3-4 – August 20th
World Championships September 15-21 – September 1st
Paraclimbing World Cup October 9-10 – August 28th

PanAmerican Championship November 30- December 5 – October 31st

  • Name: Zack DiCristino, Medical Manager | National Team Physical Therapist
  • Name: Meg Coyne, National Team Manager | Assistant Coach
  • Name: Josh Larson, National Team Head Coach | Routesetter

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