• Paraclimbing National Team Resources

    Paraclimbing National Team Resources

    2024 IFSC Para World Cup Schedule

    Para Athlete Meeting

    Tuesday, April 9, 2023 at 5pm MT

    Topic: Paraclimbing Team Selection Procedure Discussion

    Presentation with Meeting Recording Link

    IFSC Para World Cup Application

    The 2024 Para World Cup Start Sheets include the following information:

    • Para National Team
    • IFSC Event Date
    • IFSC Event Info Sheet
    • Registration of interest deadline
    • Registration of interest Google Form
    • Registration of interest public report
    • Athlete Information Form

    Application Process

    As set forth in USA Climbing Team Selection Procedures Document Section 1.5, athletes must register their interest in a competition by the relevant registered interest deadline. Such interest is registered by:

    (a) registering (their interest) for the competition via this Interest Form;

    AND (b) submitting their IFSC registration information via this Athlete Information Form.

    Interest is registered only if both (a) and (b) are completed by the relevant registered interest deadline, and athletes who do not register such interest by the deadline will not be eligible to receive a World Cup start for this specific event.  The list of athletes eligible to register their interest are listed in the World Cup start sheets, linked above, and only such athletes may register their interest. For further information on the competition start registration process, please refer to relevant sections of the USA Climbing Team Selection Procedures Document.

    Each athlete is responsible for confirming successful completion of all steps in “registering of interest”.  After completion of the Google Form, the athlete will receive an email confirmation within 5 minutes. Any issues should be reported to john@usaclimbing.org immediately.

    For any questions related to the registration process, event information, team travel, etc., please contact john@usaclimbing.org.

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