• Youth Series

    Youth Series

    Youth Regions and Divisions

    USA Climbing’s Youth Series is composed of 9 Divisions and 18 Regions. Region 11 and 12 will make up Division 1, Region 21 and 22 will make up Division 2, Region 81 and Region 82 will make up Division 8, etc.

    Refer to the USA Climbing Rulebook for rules related to Region assignment and event participation.

    Be sure to check out both of the Region’s pages within your Division by clicking the links found in the list below.

    Division 1

    Division 1 is made up of Regions 11 & 12.

    Region 11 covers Washington and northwestern Idaho.

    Region 12 covers Oregon, southern Washington and Alaska.

    Division 2

    Division 2 is made up of Regions 21 & 22.

    Region 21 covers northern California and northern Nevada.

    Region 22 covers most of Idaho, Montana, northern Utah and Wyoming.

    Division 3

    Division 3 is made up of Regions 31 & 32.

    Region 31 covers southern California (Inyo, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Tulare, and Ventura Counties), southern Nevada, southern Utah and Hawaii.

    Region 32 covers Southern California (Imperial, Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties) and Arizona.

    Division 4

    Division 4 is made up of Regions 41 & 42.

    Region 41 covers southern Colorado, most of Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle.

    Region 42 covers northern Colorado.

    Division 5

    Division 5 is made up of Regions 51 & 52.

    Region 51 covers most of Texas and Louisiana.

    Region 52 covers Arkansas, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, Kentucky, northern Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee.

    Division 6

    Division 6 is made up of Regions 61 & 62.

    Region 61 covers northern Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

    Region 62 covers northern Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

    Division 7

    Division 7 is made up of Regions 71 & 72.

    Region 71 covers Alabama, Florida, Georgia and southern Mississippi.

    Region 72 covers North Carolina and South Carolina.

    Division 8

    Division 8 is made up of Regions 81 & 82.

    Region 81 covers Maryland and Virginia.

    Region 82 covers Delaware, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and western New York.

    Division 9

    Division 9 is made up of Regions 91 & 92.

    Region 91 covers Connecticut, western Massachusetts, Rhode Island and eastern New York.

    Region 92 covers Maine, eastern Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

    Youth climbers previewing routes

    2024 Youth Festival

    June 22nd – 23rd, 2024

    2024 Youth National Championships

    July 7-14, 2024