USA Climbing Media Policy

USA Climbing owns, has exclusive control over, and specifically reserves all rights with respect to, all photographs and other images, audio, video and other broadcasts, and other artistic rights with respect to USA Climbing sanctioned or branded events, as well as to USA Climbing’s intellectual property including brand marks, trade names, and event names. Any use thereof by any third party, including athletes, sponsors, spectators, host facilities, or others, for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden without the prior written permission of USA Climbing. Without limiting the foregoing, commercial entities are not permitted to share video clips, live or otherwise, via social media networks or other media channels without the prior written permission of USA Climbing.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following limited licenses are hereby granted, with no right of transfer or sub-license to sponsors or any other third parties, revocable at the discretion of USA Climbing: Each USA Climbing certified coach is hereby granted such a limited license to use photographs, video and other images of members of his or her own climbing team from USA Climbing sanctioned or branded events for purposes of promoting his or her climbing team; and Each host facility for a USA Climbing sanctioned or branded event is hereby granted such a limited license to use photographs, video and other images of the event for purposes of promoting such host facility.

News and editorial coverage of USA Climbing Events is encouraged but may be undertaken only with the permission of USA Climbing through application for media accreditation by clicking the link below. Such news and editorial coverage may include only photographic images and not audio or video content except with the specific written approval of USA Climbing. A media outlet applying for media accreditation to cover USA Climbing events must be in the business of news gathering as its primary source of revenue, and an individual applying for accreditation generally must be professionally employed full-time by a newsgathering organization. Media accreditation is not intended for those who sell photographs, video or other images. Accreditation will not be issued to those involved in commercial ventures, unless specially approved in advance and written consent is obtained from USA Climbing. Media accreditation will not be issued to freelance photographers, writers or internet reporters without an assignment letter on the letterhead of a recognized media outlet detailing the assignment from the assigning editor, with his/her name and contact information.

Media accreditation does not include access to athlete warm-up areas, athlete isolation areas, roped-off competition areas or their entry/exit lanes, or staff, volunteer, or other restricted areas.

For the protection of athletes, spectators, and others, the following are prohibited without prior written approval from USA Climbing: Tripods, use of flash or strobe lighting, photographic or video recording devices that are attached to fixed objects, are suspended in air/space or are remote controlled, or other image-capturing devices or equipment that could interfere with the safe flow of athletes, spectators, event vendors, or event hosting personnel. Further, access to USA Climbing events for the capturing of photographic, audio or video images, whether or not for commercial gain, may be limited by USA Climbing, including to protect the rights of USA Climbing’s athletes, sponsors and broadcast rights holders.

USA Climbing encourages participants, family and friends, coaches, volunteers and spectators to share their experiences at USA Climbing events through internet posting or any other type of social and digital media, provided that the other requirements in this Policy are respected including that images are not distributed for commercial purposes except as otherwise expressly permitted by USA Climbing. Postings must at all times conform to USA Climbing’s values of excellence, respect and friendship and must not be undertaken for the purposes of demonstration or any form of propaganda. Such postings should be within the bounds of dignity and good taste and should not be discriminatory, offensive, hateful, defamatory or otherwise illegal. The use of vulgar or obscene words or images is prohibited.

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