• Paraclimbing

    Paraclimbing provides access for athletes with physical disabilities to compete in top rope climbing at the National and International level.

    Paraclimbing Categories

    Categories included in Paraclimbing are open to those with physical disabilities:

    • Neurological / Physical Disability (RP1, RP2, RP3)
    • Visual Impairment (B1, B2, B3)
    • Upper Extremity Amputee (AU1, AU2)
    • Lower Extremity Amputee (AL2)
    • Seated (AL1)
    • Youth

    USAC Paraclimbing Nationals will utilize the the IFSC paraclimbing classification system. The IFSC paraclimbing classification system is hereby published as the USAC paraclimbing classification system, as set forth in Rule 25.8.5. Link for IFSC paraclimbing classification system is here.

    The competition format for local Paraclimbing Climbing competitions will be redpoint, and will be executed on top rope.

    Paraclimbing National Championships will be a two round competition hosting a redpoint qualification round on day 1 and an onsight final round on day two.  The climbing will be executed on top rope.

    Invitations to the IFSC World Paraclimbing Championships, held every two years, will be given based on the results of that year’s Paraclimbing National Championships.

    If you have questions regarding Paraclimbing, please contact info@usaclimbing.org.

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    Past Events

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