• The First U.S. Olympic Climbing Team

    The First U.S. Olympic Climbing Team

    The Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” – Latin for “faster, higher, stronger” – will be on full display as the Olympic combined format tests climbers across all three disciplines – Speed (faster), Boulder (stronger) and Lead (higher).

    2024 Paris Olympic Qualification

    Sport Climbing will once again be part of the 2024 Olympic Program at the Paris Olympic Games. New in 2024, the Speed discipline has been broken out of the Combined format and medals will be given to three men and three women in Speed. The Combined Boulder & Lead format will hand out an additional six medals, three per gender.

    The qualification period for Sport Climbing will begin in August 2023 at the IFSC Climbing World Championships 2023 in Bern, Switzerland. It will continue with five continental qualifying events, to be held between September and December 2023, and conclude with the Olympic Qualifier Series, announced by the IOC, from March to June 2024.

    Qualification for Paris 2024 will be limited to two Sport Climbing athletes per gender and per National Olympic Committee in each discipline.

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    Meet Nathaniel
    USA Climber Coleman hanging on wall with one arm
    Meet Nathaniel
    • Name: Nathaniel Coleman
    • DOB: 01/01/1997
    • Hometown: Salt Lake City

    Growing up in the Salt Lake City suburbs, Nathaniel Coleman got his start at an indoor climbing gym at age 9. After some early challenges, he emerged as one of the best in the country in bouldering, having won consecutive U.S. bouldering titles from 2015-18 before finishing second in 2019 and winning again in 2020. Along the way, Coleman also began to thrive in lead and speed disciplines, leading to his berth on the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team.

    Nathaniel is a member on the national team and has represented the U.S. at world cup competitions since 2015. His best finishes include a fifth-place performance at the 2015 IFSC World Youth Championships in Arco, Italy, as well as second-place finishes at the 2015 IFSC Bouldering World Cups in Toronto and Vail, Colorado, and an eighth-place finish at the 2019 Bouldering World Cup in Vail. Nathaniel qualified at the 2019 IFSC Combined Qualifier in Toulouse, France.

    Nathaniel is passionate about preserving our environment and strives to get more involved with environmental protection efforts through his platform as a professional climber.

    Meet Kyra
    Female USA Climber #127 mid reach on climbing wall
    Meet Kyra
    • Name: Kyra Condie
    • DOB: 06/05/1996
    • Hometown: Salt Lake City

    Kyra discovered the sport of climbing at a birthday party in 2009 at her local climbing gym in Minnesota. A natural climber since the day she climbed out of her crib (at one year old!), Kyra was instantly hooked and joined the gym’s youth team.

    Kyra made Youth Bouldering Nationals her first year competing. But the next year back pain became a major distraction at practice. She consulted a doctor, only to find that she had a 53-degree curve in her spine—idiopathic, adolescent scoliosis. Not willing to let this dampen her climbing dreams, her family sought out a surgeon who supported Kyra’s climbing. To allow some amount of mobility in her back, Kyra and her surgeon decided on fusing 10 vertebrae together, T2-T12, correcting most of her curvature. Kyra believes the surgery was a blessing in disguise and reignited her desire to train and compete. It was only 2 years later that she became Youth National champion and went on to win 4 more youth national titles.

    The Olympics were always a dream of Kyra’s, who grew up watching every Olympics with her mom. In 2016 when climbing was officially included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, suddenly her dream turned into a potential reality. Kyra switched her training and focused on qualifying for the 2020 Games. In 2019, Kyra came in 7th place at the IFSC Combined Qualifier in Toulouse, France, officially earning her invitation to the Tokyo Olympics. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Kyra eventually plans to go to vet school after she retires from professional climbing. She’s currently a member of the USA Climbing Board of Directors, the USA Climbing Athlete Advisory Committee, the IFSC Athlete commission, the IFSC Pan-American Athlete Commission, the USA Climbing DEI Task Force, and the Team USA Community Ambassadors.

    She’s passionate about using her social media platform and position as an Olympic athlete to advocate for athletes and the inclusivity of sport. As public figures and role models she believes that athletes share a unique position that makes their voices incredibly important in the fight for social justice and the progression of sport as a whole.

    Meet Colin
    USA Climber Colin on climbing wall
    Meet Colin
    • Name: Colin Duffy
    • DOB: 12/10/2003
    • Hometown: Broomfield, CO

    Colin Duffy is the youngest member of the USA Climbing team heading to Tokyo for the Olympic Games. He clinched his spot on the team, and in the history books, in March 2020 for the sports debut in the Olympics. He started climbing when he was just five years old at ABC Kids Climbing in Boulder, CO, where he still trains today alongside his Olympic teammate, Brooke Raboutou.

    Not only is Colin known in the competition climbing world, he made a name for himself last year as he conquered some of the most impressive outdoor climbs at Red River Gorge in just a few days.

    Outside of sport, Colin is a junior in High School with the aspirations of going into Engineering in college. He enjoys working puzzles and Rubik’s cubes with his favorite subject in school being Math. He also loves animals and has rescued both a dog, Lucky, and a cat, Sparky.

    Meet Brooke
    Female USA climber on wall
    Meet Brooke
    • Name: Brooke Raboutou
    • DOB: 04/09/2001
    • Hometown: Boulder, CO

    Brooke Raboutou, at just 18 years old, has accomplished a list of significant achievements for a climber her age. Brooke has grown up with world-class climbing genetics under the tutelage of world champion climbing parents Didier and Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou while splitting her time between Colorado and France. Brooke’s personal work ethic, dedication and passion for climbing and people, has strengthened her already strong foundation as both an athlete and a young lady and has launched her down a path where climbing success meets solid individual.

    From the US youth climbing competition circuit to outdoor US climbing objectives… and from the international competition stage to world-class climbing destinations, Brooke spreads happiness and positivity… from the routes she climbs to the people she meets. Brooke is a gifted athlete with strong ethics and a professional mentality.

    In August 2019, Brooke became the first U.S. female climber to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games. She is also a freshman at the University of San Diego majoring in Business.

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