• We cannot reach the top without support!

    “I hope USA Climbing gets more support and resources so that we can continue to better our performance in international competition whether that means World Cups or the Olympic Games.”

    Nathaniel Coleman – August 3, 2021, immediately following his Olympic qualification round

    Support Our Athletes

    As an Olympic sports organization we are dedicated to helping climbers become world-class competitors. By empowering national teams, clubs, coaches, parents, officials, volunteers and fans, we are committed to the progression of our sport, our athletes’ success, and the value of the team.

    Our committed group of donors believe in better supporting our athletes so that they can reach their fullest potential. Unlike their international competitors, our athletes receive no government funding. Our athletes are funded by our members, partners, the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee and donors like you.

    Your support will ensure our athletes have access to world-class coaching, training, technology and direct athlete support they need to strive for medals on the biggest stage and inspire our nation.

    Impacts of Funding the Dream: The reasons for making a gift are personal and varied. While larger gifts are instrumental in achieving our transformational goals, gifts of all sizes are just as essential to our well-being and growth. Even the smallest gift helps us to support our athletes’ dreams. Below are a few examples of how philanthropic support directly impact our athletes.

    • $100 – Gift will fund a nutritional consultation for an athlete
    • $1,500 – Gift will cover one athlete’s flight to travel to one World Cup competition
    • $5,000 – Gift will cover all expenses for an athlete to attend an international World Cup
    • $10,000 – Gift will host a national team training camp at the National Training Center in Salt Lake City

    USA Climbing is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, making your generous contribution tax-deductible. To make gifts via wire transfer or stock, please contact Marc Norman at marc@usaclimbing.org.

    USA Climbing is funded by members, partners, the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee and donors like you.


    USA Climbing relies on the generosity of the climbing community and the American public to help our athletes remain competitive with the rest of the world. Significant financial resources are required each year to prepare our elite climbers for World Cups, World Championships, and Olympic Games. Costs such as for equipment, travel, and medical support can be overwhelming for athletes and their families trying to balance training and competing with the demands of school or work. As a new Olympic sport, Climbing can inspire its participants and the public through excellence at the elite level, through efforts such as:

    • Assisting with the costs of elite athlete training, travel, health care, and equipment “Building and operating National Training Center facilities
    • Commemorating leaders and champions and assisting in subsequent life transitions
    • Nurturing a pipeline for high performance in the Youth, Paraclimbing, and Collegiate Series


    Climbing satisfies a basic human instinct to strive as an individual and as part of a community. The practice of climbing builds problem solving skills, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, power, endurance, and confidence for participants at all levels and has the power to transform one’s outlook about what is possible. With the assistance of donors, USA Climbing seeks to bring this transformative power to as many participants as possible through efforts such as:

    • Increasing access and inclusiveness for underrepresented participants of all ages
    • Educating coaches, athletes, parents, routesetters and others, such as for positive coaching methods, training techniques, physical and mental health and safety, and competition rules
    • Growing the sport at the recreational level

    Thank you to our generous donors!

    Jane Chin
    Thomas Condie
    Laura Domoto
    Earth Treks
    Katherine Felsen Di Pietro
    Debbie Gawrych
    Michael Gordon
    Karen Halsell and John Ashton
    Jed Johnson
    The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms
    Charles Lamb & Linda Lee
    Joel Litvin
    Marc Norman
    Daron Pair
    Matt Roberts
    Brett Rogers
    Christine Ruana
    Patti Rube
    Holly Stewart
    The Erbesfield Foundation

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