• The USA Climbing Foundation seeks to provide critical support to American climbers and programs.

    The USA Climbing Foundation seeks to provide critical support to American climbers and programs.

    The USA Climbing Foundation is the nonprofit fundraising arm of USA Climbing – the National Governing Body (NGB) of Sport Climbing in the USA. The mission of the USA Climbing Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, is based on two pillars: Transformation & Triumph.


    Climbing satisfies a basic human instinct to strive as an individual and as part of a community.  The practice of climbing builds problem solving skills, physical and mental resilience, and confidence for participants at all levels and has the power to transform one’s outlook about what is possible.  With the assistance of donors, USA Climbing seeks to bring this transformative power to as many participants as possible.

    Your donations help USA Climbing seek innovative ways to:

    • Host competitions
    • Increase access and inclusiveness for underrepresented participants of all ages
    • Expand educational outreach for coaches, athletes, parents, routesetters and others in areas such as positive coaching methods, training techniques, physical and mental health and safety, and competition rules
    • Grow the sport while prioritizing health and safety


    Climbing can inspire its participants and the public through excellence at the elite level. Significant financial resources are required each year to prepare our elite climbers for World Cups, World Championships, and Olympic Games. Costs such as for equipment, travel, and medical support can be overwhelming for athletes and their families trying to balance training and competing with the demands of school or work.  USA Climbing relies on the generosity of the climbing community and the American public to help our athletes remain competitive with the rest of the world.

    Your donations help USA Climbing seek innovative ways to:

    • Assist with the costs of elite athlete training, travel, health care, and equipment
    • Build and operate a National Training Center
    • Commemorate leaders and champions in the sport of Climbing
    • Assist athletes with post-competition life transitions
    • Nurture a pipeline for high performance in the Youth, Paraclimbing, and Collegiate Series

    Join Us for the Olympic Games Paris 2024

    Join us in person August 4-11, 2024 to cheer on our Team USA climbers on sport’s biggest stage. In addition to inspirational performances, USA Climbing’s VIP hospitality packages grant access to Team USA House for a private dinner, 4-star hotel accommodation, and Olympic apparel by Ralph Lauren, Nike, and The North Face.

    Become a USA Climbing Foundation Trustee 

    Members of the USA Climbing Foundation Board of Trustees make a substantial financial commitment for four years.

    The USA Climbing Foundation Board of Trustees serves as an active fundraising board for the national governing body of USA Climbing. Through making personal philanthropic commitments, and cultivating relationships with others, Foundation Trustees help to advance the fundraising goals of USA Climbing. Members of the USA Climbing Foundation play a special role in nurturing the greatness within our athletes, organization and climbing community and helping us achieve our fundraising goals for the benefit of all pillars of the organization.

    To learn more about becoming a USA Climbing Foundation Trustee, please reach out to us at foundation@usaclimbing.org.

    Meet The USA Climbing Board of Trustees

    Become a USA Climbing Ambassador 

    USA Climbing ambassadors make a minimum annual contribution of $5,000. 

    The Ambassador program is USA Climbing’s engagement program for passionate supporters interested in a deeper level of involvement with the organization. Donors who make a minimum contribution of $5,000 annually are recognized as USA Climbing Ambassadors.

    Ambassadors enjoy greater access to our athletes and our leaders through private events and invitations, and organizational meetings. Ambassadors are invited to aspects of our annual Board of Trustees meetings for an insider look at how our organization is run, its key partners and leaders, and the national team athletes who inspire us all. The Ambassador program is an area for key growth within USA Climbing and we are poised to welcome many new members in the coming years.

    To become a USA Climbing Ambassador, donate now or reach out to us at foundation@usaclimbing.org to learn more.

    100 Women For Climbing

    Women and Supporters make a minimum annual contribution of $1,000. 

    When the women and girls of climbing join together, they’re an unstoppable force – and the 100 Women For Climbing community makes that possible. 100 Women For Climbing leverages individual donations into a powerful investment in projects that empower women and girls in the sport of climbing. Participants from different backgrounds and professions can become change agents within the climbing community. Members of this giving circle identify as women, and allies are welcome as supporting members. Each member donates at least $1,000, which can be split into monthly payments of just $84, and together their donations grow. With social events to be planned throughout the year, the Women For Climbing community recognizes that when we work together our impact is greater!

    To join 100 Women For Climbing, donate now or reach out to us at foundation@usaclimbing.org to learn more.

    Show Your Support

    Your donation is the driving force of our Foundation. A gift of any amount makes a tremendous difference to the sport and our organization. Join us in our mission of transformation and triumph for American climbers by making a donation today!

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