USA Climbing Seeks Volunteers to Serve on Board of Directors

Chris Park and Geoffrey Smith have announced their resignation from the Board of USA Climbing.

“We thank Chris Park and Geoffrey Smith for their service on the Board of Directors of USA Climbing, look forward to their ongoing support and advice, and wish them the best in their professional endeavors,” said Marc Norman, CEO of USA Climbing, and Kate Felsen Di Pietro, Chair of the USA Climbing Board of Directors.

“I am submitting my resignation from the Board of USA Climbing. Because of increasing time commitments elsewhere, I am stepping aside so that USA Climbing may solicit a new Director who can more actively meet the needs of the organization,” said Chris Park. “I remain committed to supporting USA Climbing’s mission and will continue to root for the sport’s success.”

“I am submitting my resignation from the Board of USA Climbing effective after the April Board meeting. I intend to transition from my Director role so that I may work directly as an advisor to Marc Norman, the CEO of USA Climbing, on business and professional development matters,” said Geoffrey Smith. “Despite time pressures in my other responsibilities, I remain committed to USA Climbing and look forward to working closely with Marc.”

Currently, we are seeking three new Directors to help further the mission of USA Climbing. Interested applicants can learn more and apply here.

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