Helen Gillett and Hugo Hoyer Finish 1st in Boulder at National Team Trials

The 2024 National Team Trials concluded last night with Boulder Finals at Sportrock Rio in Gaithersburg, MD. Athletes battled for spots on the National Team Trials podium and on the 2024 Boulder National Team, which designates athletes to represent the U.S. at international World Cup events sanctioned by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC).

Ben Hanna managed to flash Boulders 1 and 2 and get the Zone on Boulder 4, earning him 3rd place. Dillon Countryman had already secured his 2nd place finish before starting Boulder 4, having sent Boulders 1, 2, and 3, but also sent Boulder 4 in just two quick attempts for good measure. Hugo Hoyer, who entered the round in 6th, wooed the crowd with an impressive comeback, flashing every single boulder and finishing in 1st place.

“I felt like everything I worked on training at home just kind of finally came together,” said Hoyer, who’s already looking forward to the summer and next year’s competitions.

Dillon Countryman and Hugo Hoyer both earned enough National Team Ranking points to join the 2024 Boulder National Team.

For the first time in USA Climbing history, a Women’s Finalist was briefly interrupted by a fire alarm while on the wall, triggered by another business in the complex. Luckily, athletes and spectators were evacuated and then back inside in about 10 minutes, with Clark returning to battle with Boulder 3 after warming back up. Adriene Akiko Clark, Analise Van Hoang, and Nekaia Sanders all powered to the top of Boulders 1, 2, and 4. By the time Helen Gillett was on Boulder 4, she only needed to reach the Zone to finish in 1st. After one slip on the volume, she did just that, smiling and looking back to the crowd, which erupted in applause. Gillett finished 1st, followed by Van Hoang and Sanders.

“I’ve been focusing on being in a good place with myself and having fun climbing and trying to bring that here,” said Gillett after her knockout performance.

Melina Costanza and Helen Gillett both earned enough National Team Ranking points to join the 2024 Boulder National Team.

Men’s Boulder Podium: 

Hugo Hoyer
Dillon Countryman
Ben Hanna

Women’s Boulder Podium:

Helen Gillett
Analise Van Hoang
Nekaia Sanders

2024 Boulder National Team: 

Kyra Condie
Melina Costanza
Kylie Cullen
Helen Gillett
Natalia Grossman
Brooke Raboutou
Annie Sanders
Dillon Countryman
Colin Duffy
Jesse Grupper
Hugo Hoyer

The Boulder Finals Round is currently streaming on Outside Watch.

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