USA Secures 4 Medals at World Cup Salt Lake City 2024

The IFSC World Cup Salt Lake City 2024 concluded yesterday at USA Climbing’s National Training Center. 38 athletes represented the USA in the Boulder and Speed disciplines throughout the weekend, as the world looked to Utah to watch the best climbers battle it out.

In the Boulder discipline, 7 USA Climbing athletes progressed to the Semi-Final rounds and 2 progressed to the Women’s Final. In the Speed discipline, 11 USA Climbing athletes progressed to the Final rounds. In the end, the USA secured 4 medals (and 3 out of the 4 gold medals) on the team’s home turf.

Natalia Grossman Wins Gold in Women’s Boulder

Oriane Bertone (FRA, Silver), Natalia Grossman (USA, Gold), and Naïlé Meignan (FRA, Bronze). Photo by Dan Gajda.

Grossman had a knockout performance in the Final round, flashing the first three boulders. Having spent the past few months training coordination, she demonstrated her prowess on W2, swinging and jumping her way to the top.

Grossman told the IFSC, “I always love the World Cup in Salt Lake City. The crowd hyped us up. I appreciate it a lot. It is very special to have my family here, being able to sleep in my own bed, eat my own food, it’s really nice.”

Emma Hunt Wins Gold in Women’s Speed

Aleksandra Kalucka (POL, Silver), Emma Hunt (USA, Gold), and Deng Lijuan (CHN, Bronze). Photo by Dan Gajda.

Hunt claimed her first-ever World Cup gold medal, beating Poland’s Aleksandra Kalucka in her final race of the night.

Hunt told the IFSC, “I’m just so excited, Salt Lake City is kind of like a second home, so it feels like a home-turfy win, and I got to do it with Samuel which is so exciting! I have so many rituals I go through in my competition that there is no time to list them all… I can’t wait to go to Paris, can’t wait to try croissants and all the food!”

Sam Watson Wins Gold in Men’s Speed

Noah Bratschi (USA, Silver), Sam Watson (USA, Gold), and Kevin Amon (AUT, Bronze). Photo by Dan Gajda.

Watson claimed the Men’s Speed gold medal, finishing in just 4.89 seconds during his final race. The race was just one of his three sub-5 finishes throughout the day.

Watson told the IFSC, ” am so happy to be here in front of my new home turf, as I moved to Salt Lake City only about ten days ago. I am so excited to share this moment with Noah Bratschi and Emma Hunt. But I’m not done yet, world records are coming, faster times are coming, I’m happy with my consistency, but I’m not taking the foot off the gas.”

Noah Bratschi Wins Silver in Men’s Speed

In the lane next to Watson for that final race was fellow USA teammate Brastchi, who claimed the silver medal. It was a promising performance from Bratschi, who will now head to Shanghai to compete in the Olympic Qualifier Series, with hopes of punching his ticket to the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

You can rewatch the IFSC World Cup Salt Lake City 2024 on the IFSC YouTube Channel. Meanwhile the IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup Salt Lake City 2024 starts Tuesday, May 7. Spectator tickets are still available and livestreams will be available through the IFSC YouTube Channel.

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