USA Climbing Announces New Strategic Planning Task Force

USA Climbing is excited to announce the formation of its new Strategic Planning Task Force, which will help guide the development of the organization’s 2025-2028 Strategic Plan.

The task force will work from May through December this year to solicit input from the wide range of stakeholders in the competition climbing community and work with the Board to synthesize that input into a strategic plan for the Board’s review and adoption in December.

12 members, including athletes, coaches, gym representatives, routesetters, and parents, have been selected to serve on the Strategic Planning Task Force:

  • Jeffrey Cass | National Coordinator; Collegiate Committee Member; Parent
  • Erin Dahlin | Volunteer; Parent
  • Cory Hanson | Gym Owner/Operator; Level 4 Routesetter
  • John Lynch | Regional Coordinator; Parent
  • Meagan Martin* | USA Climbing Board Vice-Chair; Athlete
  • Marc Norman | USA Climbing President & CEO
  • Nic Oklobjiza | Level 5 Routesetter; Routesetting Committee Member
  • Estelle Park | Coach; Athlete
  • Danny Popowski | Athletes’ Commission Chair; Audit Committee Member
  • Marisa Romero | Coach; Athlete; DEI Committee Member
  • Steve Struthers* | USA Climbing Board Member
  • Jen Zelen | Gym Owner

* indicates Task Force Co-Chair

Questions regarding the Strategic Planning Task Force may be directed to

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