Raboutou Punches Her Ticket to Paris 2024

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Brooke Raboutou took first place at the Olympic Qualifier Series Budapest, following her win in Shanghai and alongside qualification for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Raboutou already mathematically qualified for Paris after claiming the highest scores in both the Boulder and Lead phases of the Semi-Final.

In the crowd, spectators could be heard asking each other, “Do you think she’ll try to win? She’s already qualified.” Brooke quickly made her intentions clear, topping 3 of the 4 problems with ease in the Boulder phase and claiming the second-highest score, behind only Nonaka Miho of Japan. Moving right along to the Lead phase, the women fought through steep terrain, with Laura Rogora of Italy guarding the top score of 76.0 points for most of the round. As the last competitor to take the stage, Raboutou matched that score, securing her win.

Speaking about the Final round, Raboutou said, “It was exciting, it was hard. Yesterday was a very hard bouldering round which left us very tired. We had a lot of adrenaline today, but that was the cherry on top. I’m excited and I’m happy with my climbing.”

USA Climbing National Team Head Coach Josh Larson added, “(Winning) after already knowing you’re going to the Games takes a different mindset. I’m proud of her.”

Raboutou is the 8th and final US climber to officially qualify for Paris, making the US the only team to fill all quota places in Sport Climbing. Full results from the Olympic Qualifier Series Budapest can be found here, while global standings can be found here. You can rewatch all the rounds of the Olympic Qualifier Series on Olympics.com and the official Olympics app for mobile devices.

Sport Climbing will make its second Olympic appearance from August 5-10, 2024 at the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

In case you needed another a reason to watch Sport Climbing, Raboutou says, “Climbing really has it all. It’s a very physical sport, but there are a lot of skill sets as well. But the biggest thing for me is the mental component, which I think is really exciting.”

“We haven’t seen these climbs before, and solving them without ever seeing them, that needs creativity and complexity. The training that goes into that, then to perform to your best physical ability, not many sports have that. I hope people appreciate climbing for that, as well as the camaraderie and community.”

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