IFSC World Championships Start Thursday

Moscow hosts the IFSC World Championships for Bouldering, Lead and Speed, Thursday, September 16 to Tuesday, September 21.

Team USA includes:

Charles Barron
Noah Bratschi
John Brosler
Cloe Coscoy
Kylie Cullen
Ellis Ernsberger
Merritt Ernsberger
Ross Fulkerson
Isabel Gifford
Natalia Grossman
Benjamin Hanna
Emma Hunt
Sienna Kopf
Isaac Leff
Quinn Mason
Brooke Raboutou
Thea Wulff

The Championships will start with Speed, followed by Bouldering and finish with Lead:

Thursday, September 16 – Men’s & Women’s Speed Qualifications and Finals
Friday, September 17 – Men’s & Women’s Bouldering Qualifications
Saturday, September 18 – Women’s Bouldering Semi-final and Final
Sunday, September 19 – Men’s Bouldering Semi-final and Final
Monday, September 20 – Men’s & Women’s Lead Qualifications
Tuesday, September 21 – Men’s & Women’s Lead Semi-final and Final

Watch all Semi-Finals and Finals live or on demand on the IFSC YouTube channel. For a full live schedule, click here. Results will be posted on the IFSC website and Instagram account. Follow @usaclimbing on Instagram for Team USA updates and results.

Photo from IFSC.

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