GOAT Climbing Gym to Host 3rd US Stop of NACS

USA Climbing is excited to announce that GOAT Climbing Gym, based in Hackensack, NJ, will host the third US stop of the 2024 North American Cup Series.

Hosted September 13-15, the event will include the Lead and Speed disciplines, giving athletes from the Americas the opportunity to compete at an elite level and continue to develop outside of the World Cup circuit.

“We at Goat are ecstatic to showcase the USA Climbing NACS Lead and Speed series to our community here in Hackensack,” said Chris Moyle, Gym Director of Goat Climbing Gym. “We’re grateful to have this fantastic and unique opportunity to expose our members to some of the most elite athletes in North America, undoubtedly inspiring both the current and future generations of climbers here at Goat.”

As a reminder, participants in the series must be licensed with and register through their respective National Federations. A detailed information sheet will be provided a minimum of 30 days prior to the event, available on the NACS page of the USA Climbing website.

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