USA Climbing Foundation Announces Inaugural Trustees

USA Climbing Foundation Announces Inaugural Trustees
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (May 2, 2023)

The USA Climbing Foundation is proud to announce that through an abundance of generosity and support, the following individuals have been named as inaugural members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

·      Maureen Beck, Athlete Trustee
·      Brandon Blaser, Trustee
·      Kevin Bradburn, Trustee
·      Nathaniel Coleman, OLY, Athlete Trustee
·      Kevin Costanza, Trustee
·      Tash Elwyn, Trustee
·      Kate Felsen Di Pietro, Chair, USA Climbing (USAC) Board of Directors
·      Trace Harris, Treasurer, USAC Board of Directors and USAC Foundation Board of Trustees
·      Stephanie Herf, Trustee
·      Alex Honnold, Athlete Trustee
·      Jill Jacobson, Trustee
·      Jonathan Kessler, Trustee
·      Jonathan Leff, Trustee
·      Meagan Martin, Athlete Trustee
·      Johnny O’Brien, Trustee
·      Patti Rube, Trustee, Chair, USAC Foundation Board of Trustees
·      Chris Sharma, Athlete Trustee

The USA Climbing Foundation plays a special role in nurturing greatness within our athletes, organization, and climbing community.  Driving this effort, the USA Climbing Foundation Board of Trustees serves as an active fundraising board to benefit the national governing body of USA Climbing.  Through personal philanthropic commitments and cultivating relationships with others, the Board of Trustees supports the USA Climbing Foundation’s mission of providing critical support to American climbers and programs.

“I am deeply grateful for our Trustees’ commitment to growing USA Climbing through the USA Climbing Foundation,” said Marc Norman, President & CEO of USA Climbing. “Our Trustees will help make climbing accessible to all while supporting our elite athletes as they compete on the world stage and prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.”

“Climbing has the power to transform one’s outlook about what is possible,” said Patti Rube, Chair of the USA Climbing Foundation Board of Trustees. “With the assistance of our Trustees and donor community, the USA Climbing Foundation seeks to support our high-performance athletes in their efforts to triumph in international competition, to reduce barriers to access, and to help bring the transformative power of climbing to as many participants as possible. We are honored to be joined by our inaugural Board of Trustees in these efforts.”

The USA Climbing Foundation Board of Trustee bios are available at To learn more about becoming a Trustee of the Foundation, please email or call (801) 618-0740.


Photos in header, left to right: Olympic Silver Medalist, Nathaniel Coleman – photo provided by IFSC; Paraclimbing Gold Medalist, Benjamin Mayforth – photo provided by IFSC; Members of Kismet Rock Foundation – Photos provided by Lindsey Garland.

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