USA Climbing 2022 Collegiate Scholarship Winners

USA Climbing is pleased to announce the recipients of the Collegiate Ambassador Scholarship and the Collegiate DEI scholarship for the 2022 season.

The winners were selected from an exceptional candidate pool who submitted resumes, essay and participated in a Zoom interview with the selection committee. Congratulations to all of our winners! We are honored to have you as part of our collegiate climbing community.

Collegiate Ambassador Scholarship Winners

The Collegiate Ambassador Scholarship is awarded to those who are excellent ambassadors for collegiate climbing.

Micayla Chow, Northeastern University

After growing up playing soccer, while attending Northeastern University, Micayla found rock climbing. During her second year at school, she got the courage to attend a Northeastern Recreational Climbing Club meet-up. Because of the incredible people she met and the environment the club created, she continued to come back. Over the last three years, Micayla has put in countless hours both with Northeastern Rec Climbing and with the Northeastern Competitive Climbing team in order to create new participation, design fun team activities, and be an ambassador for the sport of climbing.

Emily Powis, University of Southern California

At the University of Southern California, Emily served as President and Captain for the USC climbing team. In order to create space for new climbers, she strives to create practices that are accessible for even the newest climbers by creating small pods that practice together throughout the season. Additionally, Emily helped start “rope climbing office hours” to help new members become belay certified without the cost of attending a belay class. During her time in collegiate climbing, Emily has organized activities and established programs to continue the growth of collegiate climbing.

Collegiate DEI Scholarship Winners

The Collegiate DEI scholarship is awarded to those who are working to make climbing more inclusive both at their schools and in the collegiate community as a whole.

Alexandra Jagielski, University of Oregon

Upon being introduced to climbing, Alexandra was hooked. After finding people to climb with in the University of Oregon community, ALex’s love for the sport only increased. However, what truly made climbing feel like the right space was connecting with another BIPOC female climber. In order to foster this feeling for other BIPOC individuals, Alex worked with the local community and Oregon State University to hold BIPOC events and climbing nights to continue the work of making climbing an increasingly inclusive place.

Darren Sharapov, Colby College

Darren currently attends Colby College where he is the co-captain for the climbing team. He strives to create a space that is comfortable for all participants and to forge a path to make the process of joining climbing easier for those who follow him. Colby College is an hour away from the closest climbing gym, so Darren and his fellow teammates provide rides to those on their team who do not have access to a car. Also, on Friday nights, they offer women’s climbing nights and partner with DEI groups on campus to create a space that feels inclusive and welcoming to individuals who are trying the sport for the first time. Darren is committed to create an environment which is open-minded, inclusive and introspective that begins at Colby College and hopefully expands across collegiate climbing.

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