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Kyra Condie

Statement of Interest

I’m interested in serving as the USOPC Athlete Representative because I believe my experience as an Olympic athlete, board member of USAC, IFSC Athletes Commission member, and USAC committee member has prepared me to do a lot of good work in this position. I’ve learned a lot about how both USAC and the USOPC functions via my time as a Team USA Ambassador which has prepared me well to discuss, challenge, and communicate new and old ideas. I think this knowledge can go a long way in making sure the athletes’ best interests are put forward and considered both on a USA climbing level and that sport climbing is a main consideration of the USOPC. I’m committed to making sure the opinion I put forth is that of the majority of athletes and feel that it’s really important to talk to my fellow competitors to get their opinions on current topics. Going into the next few years trying to separate Sport Climbing into its three disciplines and the 2028 Paralympic bid, having someone who’s tuned into all communities will be really important and I believe I’ll be able to bridge the gaps between IFSC, all athletes of USAC, and the USOPC and hope I have the opportunity to do so. Thank you for considering me for this position!


Kyra is an Olympian in Sport Climbing, long time USAC competitor with both open and youth experience, and active community member in USAC and climbing as a whole. She’s served on the USAC Board of Directors as an Athlete Director since 2018 and loves being able to bring the athlete voice to the table during discussions. She’s currently living in Salt Lake City, hopes to go back to grad school (eventually), and plans to continue competing for the foreseeable future. She has 2 cats named Pika and Pepper. She’s known among friends for her excessive cleaning of her house, love of Reggaetón music, and passion for a good cappuccino.

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