7 US Climbers Competing at the Olympic Qualifier Series Budapest

Seven US climbers will travel to Budapest this month for the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS). The two-part festival-style series started in Shanghai last month and featured breaking, BMX freestyle, skateboarding, on top of sport climbing. The second and final stop of the series is happening from June 20-23 in Budapest and is the final opportunity for climbers to qualify for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Zach Hammer USA competes against Pierre Rebreyend FRA in the Men’s Sport Climbing Speed Qualification. The Olympic Qualifier Series, Shanghai, China. Photo: OIS/Jon Buckle.

How Do Athletes Qualify for the Olympics?

Athletes compete for a maximum of 100 points across the 2 stops (50% awarded in Shanghai and 50% awarded in Budapest). Point allocation based on ranking is explained here, and the sum of points determines who qualifies for Paris 2024.

In Boulder & Lead, 10 quota places will be available for each gender, while in Speed, five (5) quota places will be available for each gender. Additionally, eight (8) universality quota places will be awarded.

As a reminder, just one (1) quota spot is available for US climbers in the Women’s Boulder & Lead discipline, while one (1) quota spot is available in the Men’s Speed discipline.

Women’s Boulder & Lead Athletes

Brooke Raboutou | Finished 1st in Shanghai, earning her 50 points.

Annie Sanders | Finished 14th in Shanghai, earning her 27 points.

Kylie Cullen | Finished 31st in Shanghai, earning her 10 points.

Kyra Condie | Finished 37th in Shanghai, earning her four (4) points.


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OQS global standings for Women’s Boulder & Lead can be found here.

Men’s Speed Athletes

Zach Hammer | Finished 7th in Shanghai, earning him 34 points.

Noah Bratschi | Finished 27th in Shanghai, earning him 14 points.

John Brosler | Finished 31st in Shanghai, earning him 10 points.


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OQS global standings for Men’s Speed can be found here.

How To Watch

You can watch all the action live on Olympics.com and the official Olympics app for mobile devices. It all starts with Boulder Qualifications on Thursday, June 20 and will continue through Sunday, June 23.

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