2023 Collegiate Scholarships

USA Climbing is pleased to announce the recipients of the Collegiate Ambassador Scholarship for the 2023 season.

The winners were selected from an exceptional candidate pool who submitted resumes, essay and participated in a Zoom interview with the selection committee. Congratulations to all of our winners! We are honored to have you as part of our collegiate climbing community.

First Place: Peter (Pax) Poggi – Vanderbuilt University

“Climbing has gifted me with some of the most important and formative experiences of my college career. Through climbing, I have been able to find a community of amazing people and create friendships that I hope will last my whole life. I realized the dream of being able to compete at a world-class competition, and I experienced what it was like to have the opportunity that you have waited years for taken away. Throughout all of my college experience, climbing has been the foundation that has kept me grounded and reminded me to keep what is truly important–community, dreams, and integrity–at the center of my life.”

Second Place: Conor Wellman – Colorado College

“I have always been incredibly passionate about climbing, and have learned resilience and leadership through the sport. Training towards some of my greatest accomplishments in climbing, like sending V13 and making National Finals, has given me resolve that I apply everyday in my academic career. Additionally, taking up a leadership role as the president of the Colorado College Climbing Team has allowed me to work closely with school officials to improve our climbing programs. This opportunity has taught me both how to manage a group and work within a larger organization to provide for my team, skills that I can apply to future situations both in college and beyond.”

Third Place: Carolyn Derosa – Pennsylvania State University

“Within a few months I became the Secretary of Penn State’s Climbing Club, and in a few more months I was a founding member of the Collegiate Club Climbing Team at Penn State University. I’ve lost twenty pounds, I’ve started my own podcast that aims the break the barriers women face in climbing, I’ve learned to top-rope, I’ve learned to lead; I’ve climbed at outdoor crags both local and state-side, and I’ve even began diving into the world of Adventure Filmmaking as I continue my Film Production Degree. All of these things would not have been possible if I had not had the fire in me to keep going–to climb on. Vincit Qui Patitur. The will to conquer myself. The will to conquer the wall. The will to endure. The Will to endure the challenges that lay before me during every climbing session.”

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