Designated Committees:

Audit Committee
Matthew Roberts, Chair
David Landman
Joel Litvin
Danny Popowski, Athlete
Brad Voght

Ethics Committee
Joel Litvin, Chair
Cody Stevenson, Athlete
Dan Carey
Kerry Scott, Athlete
Pete Torcicollo
Matt Londrey

Judicial Committee
Phil Holbert, Chair
Marcia Cohen
Nathaniel Coleman, Athlete
Nekaia Sanders
David Landman
Joel Litvin

Nominating and Governance Committee
JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson, Chair
Garrett Gregor, Athlete
Charles Lamb
Daron Pair
Pete Torcicollo

Team Selection Committee
Matt Ornes, Chair
Kyra Condie, Athlete
John Muse, VP of Sport
Brian Alba
Ian Coyer


Athletes’ Advisory Committee
Danny Popowski, Chair
Nathaniel Coleman
Kyra Condie
Garrett Gregor
Jesse Grupper
Sienna Kopf
Katie Lamb

Coaching Committee
Meghan McDonald, Chair
Rosie Bates, Athlete
Francesca Caiazzo
Garrett Gregor, Athlete
Stephen “Chi” Harris
Jessi Haynes
Justin Wyse

Collegiate Committee
JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson, Chair
Jeff Cass
Blake Green
Katherine Lamb, Athlete
Gabriel Linderman
Sarah Preston, Athlete
Sarah Richardson
Matt Rube, Athlete
Justin Wyse

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee
Malcom Godowski, Chair
Taimur Ahmad
Kareemah Batts
Jon Hawk
Stephanie Ko Pound
Connie Lightner
Austin Lin
Meagan Martin, Athlete
Meghan McDonald
Shaalin Sehra
Eliana Wallack

Judges Committee 
Michael Sprague, Chair
Josh Calfy
Shannon Lucia
Tami Pellicane
Kerry Scott, Athlete

Medical Committee
Karen Halsell, MD, Chair
Ann Berry PhD, MBA
Nico Brown, PT, MPT, FACHE
Jane Chin, PhD
Keegan Cole, MD, Athlete
Worth Everett, MD
Mark Fisher, MD
Wayne Gearey, PhD
Marisa Michael, MSc RDN
Stephen Moorman, PhD
Arden O’Neil, Athlete
Ziva Petrin, MD
Kristi Pikiewicz, PhD
Jessica Sporte, Athlete
Austin Ware, Athlete
Audrey Young, MD

Paraclimbing Committee
Jessica Sporte, Athlete, Chair
Scott Baird
Maureen Beck
Ziva Petrin, MD
Colin Torpey

Risk Management Committee
Chad Morgan, Chair
Colt Brumm, MPH
Keegan Cole, MD, Athlete
Ty Hardaway
Pete Torcicollo

Routesetting Committee
Bret Johnston, Athlete, Chair
Cody Grodzki
Kasia Pietras, Athlete
Sydney McNair
Nic Oklobzija
John Oungst, Athlete
Flannery Shay-Nemirow
Ryan Sewell
Brad Weaver

Rules Committee
Matt Ornes, Chair
Karalyn Aronow
Kevin Costanza
Alex Johnson, Athlete
Ruchir Sehra

USA Climbing’s Elected Representative to the USOPC Athletes’ Advisory Council
Kyra Condie, Athlete

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